Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs

Each pregnancy for each woman is going to be different. While some women experience morning sickness, some women do not. You should not base the gender of your unborn child on a particular symptom that you are experiencing. Some symptoms that women experience are also symptoms that a woman is about to get her menstrual cycle. It is also possible to be pregnant but not be experiencing any symptoms until you are three or four weeks along. Some women do still get their menstrual cycles while pregnant but for most women, a missed menstrual cycle is the first symptom that they are pregnant.

If you have taken a pregnant test and received a negative result, it might be because there is not enough HCG in your urine. HCG levels will typically double every 24-36 hours. In order to receive a positive pregnancy test result, your HCG levels usually have to be at least 20-30. Blood work done at your local doctors office can detect a pregnancy a lot sooner than your average pregnancy test. When taking a pregnancy test, always use your first morning urine as this has a more concentrated level of HCG.

With the rise in HCG levels also comes headaches and morning sickness. Some women might experience morning sickness and some women may not. Each pregnancy is different from the next one. Some women also experience tiredness during their first trimester. Your energy levels will increase and decrease from week to week. The first and last trimester are usually the worst when it comes to drained energy levels.

Another very common complaint in early pregnant is breast or nipple tenderness. This may come and go through different stages of pregnancy. Some women also get this when their menstrual cycle is near. For some women, they experience what is known as implantation bleeding. This usually occurs between 6-12 days after conception has occurred. This does not happen with every pregnancy. A lot of women actually confuse implantation bleeding with the start of their menstrual cycle.

Again, every pregnancy is different with every woman. If you are taking pregnancy tests and receiving negative results but have not received your menstrual cycle it is still possible to be pregnant. The best thing to do is keep waiting and taking pregnancy tests every couple of days. You can also call and schedule a doctors appointment to have lab work done which will give you your HCG levels without having to keep testing over and over again.