Earth Quake

Recently Earth quake happened in India and Indonesia, lot of people are feared about Tsunami and The research center also announced an alert for Tsunami and advised people to take care about it and do some precaution activities to keep them safe. Luckily there is no life loss or huge problems with this earth quake, but it may be a signal for future disaster, we must be very much careful in this sort.

Most of the people believe that the world will end in the end of this year, as mayan calender ends with 2012. Some people think that this kind of flood, Tsunami, earth quake are the alert for the end of the world. But  this kind of thoughts are merely assumption and there is no valid proof for it.

We don’t have the ability to guess about the end of the world. But we can avoid unwanted natural disasters by avoiding doing ills to the mother nature. We are spoiling nature with various activities like pollution, deforestation, chemical usage, technology garbage and other things, this kind of issues will spoil the nature and create unwanted disasters like earth quake, floods, Tsunami, global warming and others.

We don’t have the ability to predict about the natural disaster as well as stop it, but we can prevent it by stopping the unwanted things against the nature and taking a lot of care about nature. Don’t hurt mother nature with your unwanted activities and give more importance to the nature, take a lot of care about it and stop the spoiling activities to avoid unwanted disasters.

We all hope for the best and think Earth quake and Tsunami don’t affect us as well as our place. We have the ability to avoid the natural disasters by our unity, we must start growing trees and avoid deforesting activities and pollution to stop the global warming and other unwanted things which is happening against the nature.

Do you think we can stop unwanted natural disaster by avoid our pollution activities? What are your ways to take care about the earth? Do you think world will end by this year? Do you believe this kind of rumors? In your country, do you felt the recent earth quake?