Easy Clothespin Cross Craft

Here is an easy craft that you can make from regular wooden clothespins. This clothespin cross craft can be framed and hung on the wall. Here is how to make this wooden clothespin craft.

For this easy wooden clothespin cross craft, you will need the following:

Ten ordinary clothespins of matching size

Cardboard or cereal box

Construction paper


Varnish or other spray to enhance the wood

Wooden clothespin cross craft step #1, Disassemble the clothespins for the clothespin craft:

Unfortunately, you may have to use clothespins that still have some life left in them, as the ten clothespins need to be of uniform size. Take the clothespins apart, removing the metal springs and taking care the wood doesn’t snap. Set the springs aside for another craft; they will not be needed in this clothespin craft.

Wooden clothespin cross craft step #2, Set the stage for the clothespin craft:

Take your construction paper and lay it out on the cardboard or cereal box. Then cut the excess cardboard away. Glue the construction paper to the cardboard. Try to spread the glue around lightly as to avoid saturating the construction paper. Allow the glue and paper to dry while you attend to the wood.

Wooden clothespin cross craft step #3, preparing the clothespins: (optional.)

In this clothespin craft, half the clothespin halves face one way while the other half face the other way. So to ensure you varnish the correct sides of the clothespins, line them so half point left and half point right. Then spray or apply varnish to the clothespins. You can also paint or spray paint the clothespins the desired color. Allow the varnish or paint to dry overnight. For the plain wood look, this step can be skipped.

Wooden clothespin cross craft step #4, assembling the clothespin craft:

Line the clothespins up on the base according to the design in the clothespin craft illustration. Adjust until the design is centered. Then spread a thin coat of glue on each piece of wood and lay the wood upon the construction paper. Allow the glue to again dry overnight.

Your clothespin cross craft is complete. The completed project now can be placed inside a picture frame or otherwise displayed on the wall. For a religious Good Friday theme, you can print and cut out a paper image of the crucified Christ and tape it to the cross. For an Easter cross, a white rag or white paper can be fastened to the cross to appear to be draping from the cross.