Easy Steps for Families to Save on the Cost of Electric

In today’s economy saving money is at the top of the list. Electricity is something Americans cannot live without, but taking just a few steps can cut back on its use and lower living costs. Families can even get their children on board to help save expenses and ultimately help the environment.

One obvious way to save is make sure any lights are turned off when no one is in the room. Even at night after you lock up make sure that no outside lights that aren’t solar powered are left on. For families with young children, battery operated nightlights are a good option, especially if you take the time to invest in a set of rechargable batteries. To make sure that all lights are turned off properly you can make it a game; give every child their own cup or jar  and put in one or two dollars in dimes in and tell them that for every time they are caught leaving a light on the penalty is one dime, and they can earn that dime back by not leaving any light on for the rest of the day. If they have the full two dollars at the end of the week, give them an extra dollar and take them somewhere to spend their newfound riches or give them the option to save it. This way they can feel involved in the process of saving money and earn a reward for doing well. Once a child gets into the routine of turning off lights, they will often remind you to do the same! Once everyone has learned to turn off the lights properly you can switch to money-jar game to a new chore to learn.

Turning off the lights is just one basic way to save on electricity. Another practical idea is to not only turn off unused appliances, but to unplug them as well. Many appliances as long as they remain plugged into an outlet will continue to circulate an electric current and run your meter. If you have many different appliances to unplug and would like to avoid spending time unplugging each one everyday, it would be a good idea to invest in a powerstrip that you can plug many things into at once, then simply unplug the strip when you don’t need them. This works especially well for game systems and TVs. Air conditioners are one of the biggest drains on Americans’ wallets. If you can afford installation, central air is very efficient and can double as a heater in the winter. People with older houses that used radiators instead of vents or who only use certain rooms during the day, should consider getting individual remote controlled units for each room. There are many low cost brands that require very little labor to install.

These are just a couple of steps that can lessen the cost of electricity. There certainly more ways to save, but these are easy, low cost ways to work saving money into your daily lifestyle. Saving money means more for you and your family to use for the important things. A little effort will go a long way.