Edinburgh Chiropractor on Back Pain

Back pain, especially lower back pain, is very common nowadays with almost 90% of the UK population suffering from it at least once in their lives. Many people when they start to get lower back pain will visit their local doctor for a prescription of painkillers. As you can imagine, this medication does not cure the problem, all it does is mask the pain. This is the right thing to do if the pain is muscular, because your body just needs a bit of time to fix itself, which it can do very well while you use the painkillers.

But if there is a problem with the nerve transmission or skeletal system, a chiropractor is the solution to cure your back ache and not medication. For some very unlucky people, they continue to put up with back ache for many years before deciding to seek treatment from a chiropractor who all specialize in back pain. You can save yourself a lot of painful months if you just seek a chiropractor in the first place.

Chiropractors source the origin of the pain rather than simply where it hurts. By correcting the source of the pain, you will no longer have the back ache reoccurring time and time again. By carrying out spinal manipulations and corrections, chiropractors can actually treat most nerve and musculoskeletal system disorders. Unfortunately, despite many success stories, chiropractic care is still not on the UK NHS (National Health Service) and perhaps this makes people more hesitant to seek treatment by a chiropractor.

A recent study in Norway investigated 44 patients that had recently experienced a sudden lower back pain due to lumbar flexion and rotation without axial loading. Orthopedic surgeons and doctors carried out neurological and clinical examinations however did not find anything abnormal in the patients’ results. Chiropractors diagnosed the patients with lumbopelvic fixation and started to undergo treatment and the results were amazing. All but two patients were cured and returned to work with a total absence time of two thirds of what is associated with conventional medical treatment.

These people could go back to their normal lifestyles more quickly and free of pain because the source of the problem had been fixed. Conventional medical treatment would have involved a lengthy process to firstly work out the problem while on strong medication that could have severe side effects. Chiropractic care is a far safer and direct solution to your back pain.

Many people are perhaps anxious about visiting a chiropractor simply because they have never been to one before and are therefore unaware and anxious of what will happen. On your first day you will have a full health history taken and a spinal examination. Some patients may need an x-ray but not always. If it is your first time visiting a chiropractor you will receive an introduction to the chiropractic methods and procedures.

A chiropractor needs you to be relaxed in order to treat you effectively so they may use heat or massage to relax you. After your first spinal manipulation you will find you have a much greater range of movement already and you and your chiropractor will create a treatment plan depending on your level of back pain. Some patients need 2-3 visits per week with manipulations becoming further apart as time goes on. Your treatment does not stop there as to prevent further injury or pain, you will need to carry out rehabilitation exercises at home.

As you can see chiropractic care solves the problem and does not simply mask the pain. Chiropractic care should be the first option as it is less invasive and has fewer side effects than conventional medicine. Just because lower back pain is common doesn’t mean you should suffer from it.