Effective And Quick Exercises For The Office Warrior

You are serious about maintaining your fitness. You try to have regular workouts at the gym. On the other hand, you are also quite busy. Tasks need to be accomplished; reports need to be reviewed and filed. Not to mention the weather hasn’t been so agreeable recently.

There is no need to compromise your fitness. For those times when you simply could not hit the gym or drive over to the local pool for a few laps, there are several exercises you can perform right there at your office or in your living room, without any special equipment, that would help you stay in shape without spending too much time.

Here are three full-body exercises that can be as light and rejuvenating, or as tough and strengthening as you want them to be.

Push-ups or half push-ups

Find a stable support such as a desk for a half push-up. For a full push-up, clear off an area on the floor. With arms about shoulder width apart and legs either close together or also apart, lean in, then push up and repeat the process. This is one of the most established exercises and it tones your upper body, particularly the chest and arms. The wider you hold your arms apart during the exercise, the more the muscles of the chest will be worked out. The nearer you hold them to your body, the more the triceps do the work.

Knee bends or squats

This one does for your lower body what push-ups do for the upper part. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and your arms resting comfortably by your side, crossed on your chest, or hands interlaced at the back of your head. Slowly squat down while keeping your back straight and your breathing as natural as possible. Depending on your fitness level, you can go all the way down and quickly, or you can stop at the point where your thighs are parallel to the ground, then slowly ease up. The large thigh muscle group and the buttocks are exercised in this movement. It can be as cardiovascular intensive as you want it to be but be careful, sometimes doing it too fast or too much leads to dizziness or aching knees and lower back.

Jogging or Running in place

You may think it would make you look awkward if the secretary (or the boss) enters the office and sees you running in place beside your desk. But it won’t since running in place is the most natural and universal alternative if you cannot run outside as a way to exercise. This exercise tones the whole body, helps you shed unneeded weight, and improves cardiovascular and respiratory fitness.

These are just some of the cheap, uncomplicated, and quick exercises that you can do in the office or at home if you are pressed for time but still want to maintain a healthy and strong body.