Effects of The Global Economic Crisis: Abandonment of Pets

Although it is true that we humans have been affected by the economic crisis that recently hit the world, there are other individual sectors that have felt its wrath. In fact, it was not only human that got a feel of what the destruction was. One of those terribly affected by this calamity was the number of abandoned pets. This has been one of the problems of those who can no longer afford to pay for the needs of their pets. Instead of buying food and providing the necessary care for their pets, owners opted to leave them in the streets so they could feed themselves.

But because there was a limited number of space and supplies that shelters had, there were a vast number of pets that were euthanized. If they were lucky to get adopted, this was not an option to them. The unlucky ones though, were put to rest just so the pet shelters could continue to operate.

Even before the global economic crisis struck, an estimated number of cats and dogs which were at risk for becoming homeless was already done by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The study, conducted in 2008, showed that there would be 500,000 to 1 million of these pets that would lose their homes. A majority of which, were given up by their owners because they could no longer afford the luxury of having pets.

Aside from this obvious reason, there were a number of homeowners who decided to abandon their pets because they were invoking foreclosures. They gave up their homes so they could rent out an apartment which would not allow pets. Even before the housing crisis broke, the number of abandoned animals had already been at an alarming rate. To add, there was the obvious reason of expensive veterinary care.

While it is sad that there have been a number of individuals affected by the global economic crisis, the same can be said about these abandoned pets. These much-loved family members were given up by their previous owners. Truly, the effects of the crisis have been serious and ill-fated. We can only hope that it will soon end.