Election Results 2010


Did the Democrats hear the message?  Did the president get the message?  The same pundit garble that plagues us every day just gets louder.  Boehner steps out and talks about how the president better listen to what the people said and then follows up with, we will repeal health care.  Didn’t Boehner hear the message?  America is done with health care reform.  We don’t want to hear about health care reform for another 2 years as more Americans are loosing jobs.  What can the Republican party do to ensure that good jobs are moved into America instead of the continuation of moving good jobs out of America.  This is the same party that was chanting as America entered the “great” recession that we needed to offer more H-1B visas.  You know those fancy little papers that would have allowed all of these foreign workers (particularly India) to work on American soil.  This would have given American companies all these employees that they could pay minimum wage for to do skilled labor.  Instead we entered a recession and the H-1B comments fell to deaf ears.  So instead all of these companies have started outsourcing the jobs to foreign countries.  After all, the recession was a great cover to perform layoffs in the US.  That’s all fine and good, they can do what they want on foreign soil, we can’t control the laws there.  What we need to control is what products are allowed to be sold on American soil.  You see, no matter how you slice it, America is still the largest consumer of goods in the world.  So we need our government to step up and put stipulations into place on foreign trade.  If a corporation is not paying employees reasonable rates or if they do not treat employees with the same rights that all Americans are granted, then they cannot sell their products on our shores.  If you want to sell on our soil, you have to play by our rules.  Pundits (like Boehner) will say that all companies will leave our soil and we will have no jobs.  Reality is, it would be exactly the opposite.  If companies did decide to leave they wouldn’t get an economic gain or they would loose their rights to sell here.  Consumer demand wouldn’t dissapear.  People would recognize a need and form businesses to produce and sell products to the need.  This is how a non-government sponsored free trade society would work.  Boehner is instead going to push for a federal tax cut for these corporations so they have more financing avialble to move these jobs off American soil, creating big government private enterprise involvment larger than the auto industry bailouts.  After all, GM and Chrysler were only two companies.  Boehner wants all companies to get involved on the gravy train that is the Americans dollar.

So what instead was the message from the American people to the government.  Well, since the Republicans took the house and Democrats took the Senate, we can only assume that the American people don’t want the government to be able to make policy anymore.  Splitting the branches is sure to stop this huge government waste of our money.  The American people feel they will be better off, if they can just keep the government from changing anything.