Electric Bass Guitars And Their Versatility

If you want to learn how to play a musical instrument that gives you versatility on how and what you want to play, then electric bass guitars may just be the instrument for you. This way you can fit in any band, and not worry about being another cliché as a lead guitar player. Since electric bass guitars will suit almost anyone’s personality, you have the option of playing it at a style that fits you best. Whether jazz or punk metal, an electric bass guitar is a versatile instrument that will certainly let you have fun while using it.

When it comes to music, electric bass guitars function as the foundation. It sets the beat or tempo of the music you are playing. It works alongside the percussions to complete the backbone of the music’s melody. In a way, it can almost play the rhythm and the harmony of the piece your band is playing but only in a lower and more solid pitch.

Speaking of pitch, electric bass guitars are commonly tuned at a lower octave to achieve the best performance from the instrument. The pickup is one of the main parts of electric bass guitars. Its job is to listen to the vibrations of the strings and turn them into electrical signals which will then be converted in to sounds by amplifiers.

Pickups are just one of the modifiers for electric bass guitars. Regular magnetic pickups are used for the common bass guitars. Some high-end bass guitars use optical and piezoelectric pickups while an optical pickup works by reading the number of times the string vibrates through the use of an LED. The advantage of using the latter is that it eliminates the resonance of your electric bass guitar. Resonance refers to the humming sound produced by your strings.

The piezoelectric on the other hand, uses crystals to convert the vibrations into electric signals. The difference of a piezoelectric pickup with a regular magnetic pickup is that the electronically produced sounds will be very similar to the sounds of an acoustic bass guitar.

Another modifier is the fret type on the neck of electric bass guitars. You can either choose to use a fret-less or a fretted bass guitar. For beginners, a regular fretted bass guitar is easier to start with. It helps the player remember where to position his fingers to hit the notes properly. For advanced bass players, a fret-less electric bass guitar provides better flexibility of a guitarist’s techniques.

There are plenty more varieties of electric bass guitars available. Those mentioned above are only some. There are even others like electric bass guitars that have more than the usual four strings. Even playing styles can give variations to how electric bass guitars may sound.  

For example, two electric bass guitars that are identical, tuned identically and playing the same piece would sound differently if one of them is played with a pick and another with just the fingers. Even plucking, strumming and slapping the strings will produce more diverse options on how you can play electric bass guitars. The only thing that matters in the end is your dedication to practice to enhance your guitar playing skills.