Eliminate The Fear of Speaking


Eliminate the fear of Speaking

We all have fears of our own, isn’t it? We accept it and move on. When this is the situation, is the fear of public speaking really a potential threat? Well, to be honest, it can be if you don’t try to eliminate it by yourself. Remember, this fear of speaking is all in our mind and not coming from the end of the audiences you are delivering your speech to. So, let’s just get hold of some handful tricks here, that will really work for you the next time you are speaking in public meetings or gatherings.

As the age-old mantra goes, ‘practice makes a man perfect’, you need to take heed of it. Be it just a short introduction, a detailed sales speech or a long conversation with a potential customer, you need preparation. Don’t get bogged down. By practice we are not hinting at making a blueprint of all the lines with all those punctuation marks of the speech to be drafted. Rather, a simple an outline will do. All you need to make is an outline of the speech you have to give with a proper introduction, middle part and the conclusion as well as the points you are going to add in each section. This note card will definitely keep you on track while speaking.

When we are talking about making this note card as the first step of the preparation, we have already assumed that you know what you are going to talk about, right? But is it really the case? If not, you better make it. Knowing the topic you have to talk about is the most important step that will help you to get the desired effect from your audience. After all, a little joke here and a little wit there is acceptable. But your audience certainly would not like y to listen to talks that do not stick to the point.

Once you know what you are going to talk about and have made the outline, practice is everything. Try to practice it in front of some real audience as that will surely help on the final day. Moreover, keep in mind that your audience will always want you to succeed and they are on your side. Take this advantage and go on smoothly. Lots of eye contacts, keeping a relaxed face, accepting the mistakes you may make and moving on with the speech rather halting there – are some of the other tricks that will also gear you reap the desired result. So, accept your fear but overcome it with the right attitude of “I can do it” and make yourself the winner.

You Too Can Get Rid Of Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Is Your Fear Of Speaking In Public Hurting You Personally And Professionally?

Do you lose control over your body? Dry mouth? Quivering voice? Sweating? Increased heart rate? Do you forget what you had planned to say?

  • Do you require hours of preparation before you can talk before a group?
  • Does your fear of speaking prevent you from asking questions?
  • Do you worry about sounding foolish and having people laugh at you?
  • The fear of speaking in public is really painful, isn’t it?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you have a fear of public speaking… and that fear could be crippling your ability to achieve what you want in life.

But I’ve got good news for you. I have a proven method of eliminating that fear that takes only 4 hours… and can be done over the phone. My method is so effective that it’s passed a stringent scientific test.

How Do We Help You Eliminate Your Fear Of Public Speaking?

A four-step system of unlearning that eradicates from your life forever the fear of public speaking.

  1. identify a series of beliefs you hold that are causing your fear of public speaking.
  2. you get rid of those beliefs by showing you how to unlearn what you’ve learned from events in your past, some of which may go back to childhood.
  3. you discover how you might have been conditioned to feel fear when experiencing certain key situations around people. For example you might feel fear if you think the audience is judging you or fear when being rejected or making a mistake in front of people.
  4. go through a process to which makes you break the connection between fear and these key situations.

Once you’ve completed these four steps which takes 3 or 4 hours you will have eliminated your fear of public speaking for good.

What Could You Accomplish If The Fear Was Gone?

  • People who couldn’t express themselves in business are now being promoted and getting more responsibility, because they can speak clearly and decisively.
  • Those who felt marginalized or ignored, now participate fully in negotiations and debate, because they can state their position with confidence.
  • Many who shied away in social situations are building relationships and finding happiness, because they are now spontaneous and authentic.
  • Our clients now face conflict responsibly, and argue calmly and evenhandedly, because they no longer fear judgment or criticism.
  • They are now equipped to speak publicly and promote their businesses in ways they could not before, because their fear of speaking is gone.

And remember, if you get up in front of a group and find this stressful, it only means you forgot the truth about what public speaking is all about. Go back and review this Report. Find out what you did wrong or what you didn’t remember. Then go back out and speak again until you get it right. It may take time, but the long-term rewards will be impressive.