Emails Asking Me to Verify My Bank Account

Yes, a thief is trying to scam you.  This is a common fraud, swindle or scam as it is referred to, and you should never click on the link or give anyone your information over the Internet, telephone or in person.

A bank would never ask you to verify your Bank information, because they already have it.

The site looks real

Yes, the site looks real and clicking on the link of an email you think is from your Bank will look legitimate.  It may even take you to the official site of your bank, until you click on the link to verify your information on the page you were sent.

The thief can insert a link on the page that will take you to his page that he has designed where you input in your Bank information and bingo; he has your account number, pin number name and social security number.

The best thing to do if you receive a suspicious email from your Bank is NOT click on any links.  Always type in your Bank’s web addresses yourself.

What do I do now?

If you have fallen victim to providing your Bank information to such an email then contact your Bank immediately and inform them of what has happened, and they will verify that the email was not from them.  Change your account numbers right away and if your account was compromised then file a Police report.  (Click here to see: “Identity Theft How to File a Police Report)


Remember, a thief only wants two things from you:

1)They want you to send them money.   Do not send money in any form through the mail, wiring or the Internet to any suspicious entity.

2)They want your personal information such as, full name, birthday, security number, bank account numbers, pin number, your address or your password.  No legitimate organization would ever ask you to verify this information in an email when they already have it.

Be safe.