End Of The First Month Of The Eleven Year

So here we are on the last day of the first month of the New Year, the year ending in the number eleven. Have you stayed consistent with your resolutions and aspirations? Has something changed in your life? What is your outlook for the New Year? For myself I did not approach this year with any particular resolutions, goals or aspirations other than having this year end in my favorite number (eleven). However, several things have changed in my life including a healthier eating habit, writing more and a different perspective on life. My outlook on the New Year is cautious but hopeful.

It is imperative to remind all of us that we should be more aware to all our actions in this New Year of eleven. So many people have already been consumed by the daily grind of survival and life that they have forgot or forsaken their new years pledges, resolutions and positive mind set for 2011. For those that are being run over by the grind try to do different things each day to remind yourself of the bigger picture. This could be done by simple things such as taking a walk, engaging more people in conversation, remembering to breathe calmly when the stress level is high and thinking of ways to better your life. Another words, anything that shakes you out of your routine and that relaxes you.

It should not take the change of a calendar to change your life so reinvent yourself each day and make the most of life. After today we enter February which makes saying, “Happy New Year” awkward and unproductive. One should seize the day and approach February as the month to put in place any new resolutions and approaches to the new year that were put off or not done completely in January. Let’s all shine as best as we can and not let go of the aspirations and dreams we had for this new year, Happy 2011!