Enemies List

Does the Obama White House hate you? That depends. Have you ever disagreed with the notion that the United States should become a Socialist state?

Some who have run afoul of the White House are Fox News, Glenn Beck, the Chamber of Commerce and Health Insurance Providers.

If the White House disapproves of you they put you on their Enemies List. And they will tell other people not to listen to you. They will try to marginalize you. They want you hated and reviled or at least ignored and ridiculed.

If they really dislike you they will do more than send Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel on the Sunday talk shows to go after you. They will sic their rabid attack dog Representative Alan Grayson after you. Grayson has said that Republicans are knuckle draggers who want you people to die. Grayson has said that Fox News is an Enemy of the State.

Representative Alan Grayson tactics are reminiscent of Chairman Mao, Vladamir Lenin and Josef Stalin. Like his mentors, Grayson finds someone he disagrees with and then declares them Enemies of the state. Grayson is my favorite demagogue.

I have found that when I speak the truth about the Socialist Obama and his fellow travelers, Some people get very upset with me. I call these folks, Secret Socialists.

Despite the fact that everyone in the Obama administration is either a committed communist, quotes Chairman Mao or admires Chairman Mao, I still have some confused people trying to show me the definition of communist or socialist in the dictionary whenever I bring up the fact that Chairman Barack Hussein Obama is a Socialist and he is trying to turn the United States into a Marxist country. My thoughts are what you might expect when someone tries to prove to me that Obama is not a communist. I think that that this poor misguided soul is a closet Marxist. He or she is a Socialist Sleeper agent and even he does not even know that he is a communist. I will do what I can to help these Progressives lost in the wilderness by putting up a mirror in front of them.

For instance, if you agree in large part with the 10 basic planks of the Communist Manifesto: You are a communist, even if you think you aren’t.

Communist Manifesto

And before you ask, yes, I would abolish the Department of Education at the federal level. So my anti-Marxist bona fides are solid gold. And no I am not worried that children will suffer because the communist re-education camps you call public schools will be run from the states with no federal interference.