Engagement Ring Buyer`s Guide

Buying an engagement ring can be an exciting time of shopping and hunting for the perfect ring. Some people take a laid back approach to it, where they simply go into a store, find one and head out again. But for others, they have to know everything about the engagement ring in order to make a selection. There is the diamond cut, color, shape and size to consider, as well as the settings, metal, arrangement and assortment of jewels.

The diamond color might not be the first thing you think of when looking for a ring, but it might steer you in the right direction. The color can determine what price range you`re looking at. A diamond that is a D color is the purist diamond that is available and is rare to find. Color E-F is a colorless diamond, G-H is near colorless and can only be seen if put beside a pure diamond, I-J is also near colorless with a bit of color detectable to the common eye.

The shape of the diamond is probably the most fun thing to pick out. There is the traditional round solitaire diamond, a princess look, which is a box style shape, there is the Lucida style, emerald, oval, the pear shape, marquise, cushion which resembles the oval shape, and a heart shape, which is not the most popular engagement ring shape, but still liked by some.

The setting of the diamond or diamonds on the band can affect how the ring looks. You can by it in a solitaire shape, which is classic and traditional as well. It can come in a three stone style, where three diamonds are side by side, one might be taller than the other or they could be all the same. The Pave style, a diamond band, where the band is covered in diamonds, the diamonds can be small or the entire band could be made up of diamonds that are bigger. There are also the side stones, where two small stones accompany the bigger one in the middle; the stones could be diamonds or another jewel.

The band of the ring might be reflective on personal taste. Some people prefer yellow gold while others love white gold. Usually the ring of both the bride and groom are matched up so finding a band color that is liked by both parties is required. Also the actual wedding band will be matched up to the engagement ring band.

Engagement diamond shades are usually a clear translucent shade; however some rings have been seen in a pink hue or a blue hue. Some celebrities have sported around huge pink diamonds on their fingers to show off.

The best thing to do is write down all of the things that are important to you. Figure out what band style and color you want, the price you want to spend and how you want the overall ring to look. Is this a ring you are picking out for your future spouse or are you picking it out together? If this is a ring you are surprising her with, ensure that you know her style in them first. You can ask her friends to snoop around or family, or you can casually ask her in random situations, without her getting suspicious of course. Either way, buying a ring is the beginning of something beautiful.

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