Enjoy Disney World's Fireworks Without The Crowds

               Visitors to the Disney World Resort in Orlando are treated to a fantastic fireworks display several times a week. Depending on how busy the park is, the viewing space in the area in front of the castle is mobbed, and not a place to try and keep track of small children. What many people and parents alike want is an area that has a great view of the fireworks that is in  another area of Disney World which is close by with activities to keep busy while waiting for the show to begin, and smaller crowds.

             Watching from behind the castle where the small children’s rides are is not a good idea. The reason for this is that the fireworks are launched from this area. If viewers are there next to the Dumbo ride, they have to look straight up.  Similarly, Tomorrowland is a poor choice because of the intervening buildings such as Stitch and the People Mover overhead structures.                             



                             Here is where families can get a great view of the evening’s firework show:

  Go to Frontierland, where the DiamondHorseshoeSaloon is.  Face Tom Sawyer’s Island, and Harper’s mill is visible.  Go towards the island and step onto the waterside dock there.  There is a small outcrop there that gives a great view of both the lit up paddle boat as well as one of the best fireworks show to be seen. The crowds there are not bad, and people with children are not going to have to be preoccupied wondering how to hold onto everyone.

Another Awesome viewing area is to go right up those same lakeside docks towards Big Thunder Mountain. There is an open area that is larger and facing the same direction. It is at the area of the cut off By Splash Mountain to Big Thunder Mountain. However, there are a few more people at this area, so get there a few minutes ahead of the fireworks. Disney World is a great park to visit, even with the crowds. Dealing with that takes some planning.                       


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