Entropia Universe Finally Gets A Makeover!

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Very recently, the MMORPG Planet Calypso has gotten it’s long-awaited upgrades. If you are unfamiliar with Planet Calypso, it is the renamed version of Entropia Universe, which was originally called Project Entropia. A few years ago, Mindark (the makers of Planet Calypso) claimed to be recreating the Planet in a new game engine, which happens to be Cryengine2. (The engine used on the Farcry 2 game). It was supposedly going to be the same as always, but with deeper character customization, greatly improved graphics, and a more solid gameplay. I personally play the game from time to time, and I have been waiting for the new engine, so I decided to give it a test run.

After waiting for the game to update for about an hour, I logged in to my account. It brought up a screen where I was able to redesign my avatar with the new graphics being in the game. After getting my character created again, I entered the world. Immediately, I noticed that the interface was remade, and it looked great. The in-game graphics were amazing, even though my computer’s graphics card and RAM could be more powerful. Water looked better, mountains, and all of the terrain were completely different looking. There is even a place where you can “skydive” down from the sky and see everything from a bird’s-eye view. It turned out that the game is still the same, as promised. All of the items are still in place, and players who logged into their accounts with the new engine recieved a gift item. Mining, hunting, manufacturing, etc are still the same as before, so anyone with skills in those categories are still in good shape for the game.

I am willing to bet that a flurry of gamers are going to be getting into this free MMORPG now that Mindark has taken such a huge step into the future of gaming. I know for sure that I’ll be playing as much as I can. With the transferrable funds offered in the Planet Calypso, there is potential for many new players to get their hands on some PEDs. (Project Entropia Dollars).