Equal Time to All.

By “Butch” West

Time: God gives each of us 24 hours every day, 168 hours every week. Time is something we all have an equal amount of. When you hear someone say, “I don’t have enough time” then you should realize they are mistaken. We have enough time, but it is limited only by how we use it.

Our time on earth is limited; some of us live 70 years, some 100 or more, some just 20 or less. But we start each day with the same amount of time.

So, how do we spend our time? Do we spend it sleeping, reading, or watching television? Do we spend it learning new things, making and being friends to new people? Do we spend it gardening? How much of our time do we spend reading out Bibles or praying? How much time do we spend meditating and delighting in the law of God? I spend a lot of my time eating, how about you? And when I spend too much time eating, then I spend a lot of time trying to lose the weight I have gained from overeating. How much time do we spend helping others?

Churches sometimes have programs to feed the hungry or shelter the homeless and their members spend their time helping the hungry and the homeless. Volunteers spend their time doing charitable work in hospitals, shelters and soup kitchens. The homeless spend much of their time looking for a place to stay, the jobless spend much of their time looking for a job.

Time is not allotted more or less to poor people or rich people; it is a precious gift and a precious resource that God has given us. May He give us the wisdom to use our time better, more wisely, and for His Glory. May He help us to help others whether individually or through organizations or both.