Everybody Has to Obey Some-One

Obedience is doing what you are told to do,

`O’ is for obedience which we must give,

To our parents and elders, as long as we live,

In school rush to class at the sound of the bell,

As its God’s call to work, we can surely tell.

We must obey everyone who stands in the place of God. They are parents, elders and teachers. We must obey them willingly and cheerfully. By obeying we help ourselves to be good.

Everybody has to obey some-one. At school pupils have to obey their teachers and the teachers have to obey their principal and everyone has to obey God.

God’s helpers, our parents, teachers and elders give us certain rules which we must obey. By obeying these rules we help God in building and completing this great, big, beautiful world.

Obedience is to obey the rules laid by a person, either in school or at home.

We must carry out the rules laid down by our parents, elders and teachers. When we obey, we learn good things. Finally, when we obey God, we are helping God to complete his work easily.

Parents are for me,

To respect and obey,

And love to show my love, for them each day.

Saying please

Adds a friendly touch,

A little word can mean so much.

 A happy smile,

A happy face,

Brightens any day,

And any place.

When I am helpful to others,

I am happy to see,

That everything always is easier for me.

A friendly world,

A smiling face makes this wide world, a pleasant place.

Smiling starts with a d good feeling in me,

Then it is shown on my face, and everyone I meet smiles back at me.

When other children do wrong, in world or joke or song,

When others keep no rule, and laugh and play and talk in school,

Being good may bring a tear,

You are not alone, for God is near, so being different.

Not how much you have won wealth, but how much you have done. What is it?-well.

Not how much you have earned and saved, but how much you have sacrificed. It was helped.

Not how much you were honored, but how much you have served.’’

Hence let us store riches in heaven. Earthly riches are temporary. The ever lasting riches are love and service.