If your like me, you may like walking in the city, or because of your work you have to be in the city. But either way walking on the crowded city streets can be quite frustrating. Have you ever been walking down the street, or in the mall, or down a hallway, and upon approaching someone, you go to your right and they go to their left, or vice versa? Do you find yourselves doing that little side to side waltz for a couple of seconds, until one of you decides to just stop, and let the other person go by?

Well some of you may already know there’s a simple solution to this, But for those of you who don’t it’s a rule my mom taught me. She said, “If at all possible everyone should walk to the right”. Out of all the good advice and life lessons she taught me, this was one I chose to remember and follow through life. (My mom would be proud.) What a smart solution to an age old problem. I thought she was a genius. Imagine my surprise when I attended a Junior high school that had adapted the same policy, and addressed it by painting arrows on the floor! But, of course, being teens, when we saw someone in the hall we wanted to talk to, that rule flew out the window. We even had hall monitors to enforce it. I wanted to be one, until I saw that they were the unfortunate subjects of much ridicule.

Recently I took a day trip to Manhattan New York, and to my surprise, I noticed Manhattaners follow the (EVERYONE WALK TO THE RIGHT RULE!) I was pleasantly surprised. It was a beautiful day, it was a pleasure trip and this made my experience in NY more wonderful then it already was.

Boy, if only we Philadelphians would adapt this simple concept as a whole, it would be so much more pleasant to walk in our crowded city. I must admit it’s quite funny when you come across this situation, and the parties involved can laugh about it. I’ve met many a nice Philadelphian this way. But I’ve also, come across people who get very annoyed and frustrated when this happens. I just want to take them to the side and let them know, that by simply walking to the right, we could solve this situtation that you view as, so frustrating. “I wonder”, if I walked down the street wearing a sandwich board that read, EVERYONE WALK TO THE RIGHT! would that help?

Please don’t tell me to move to Mahattan. I love my city. I believe Philly really is the city of Brotherly Love. I also believe we have some great people here, fantastic stores and some wonderful sights, and great historical landmarks. But I think if we just would adopt this concept , it might make walking down the street more pleasurable.

Maybe we can check the old records at City Hall, maybe it was a law in the 19th century.  How many of you are bothered by this like me, how many of you know about the rule, or how many of you just don’t care? Please let’s hear it my fellow Philadelphians. Let me know.