Everything You Wanted To Know About Acne And Pimples

Acne is one of the most common skin disorders faced by a majority of teenage and adult population all over the world.  When the eruptions appear on the face it can cause a great deal of frustration and inconvenience among teenagers.

If left untreated, acne can lead to infection, scars and blemishes that become permanent on your face. So it becomes necessary to reduce the recurrence of acne by taking a proper treatment to clear the skin and make it blemish free.

First of all let us try to understand the meaning of acne. Acne is a disease of the skin and is also called seborrhea or seborrheic dermatitis.  It occurs when the sebaceous glands, under your skin, become contaminated with oily toxic matter, which contains dead skin, dirt, acid wastes, toxic matter, bacteria and excess sebum oil.

The sebaceous glands normally function by releasing oil that comes up through your pores on the skin’s surface.  This helps in keeping the skin well lubricated and moist which protects the skin from the harsh effects of the environment.

If the skin pores on the face do not open properly or are plugged, this creates toxic oil that cannot move out onto your skin.  This results in the growth of acne or pimples that start to increase in size as more toxic oil tries to reach the surface of your skin.

Acne can also produce scars and blemishes that tend to steal away the natural beauty and glow from your face. This happens when the pore walls burst under the skin and white blood cells move in to digest the collagen around the pores.

Once you start getting acne or pimples you should strictly adhere to a proper skin clearing programme which may reduce the spread of infection further and also save your skin from getting those ugly looking scars and blemishes due to the bursting of acne.

How can you get rid of acne?

Acne is a complex condition that affects many parts of the body even though it shows up early eruptions on the face and else where on your skin.  It gives you the signal that something is wrong inside your body or your digestive system.  Acne can be caused by a variety of factors such as a toxic colon, improper digestion of food, weak liver and other conditions that cause the blood to carry too much toxicity.

To clear the problem of acne you should take certain specific steps such as to increase your intake of water, have fresh green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, make your bowel habits regular and try to avoid constipation by following a well balanced diet.  You can also use a special cream formulated for acne by applying it externally to reduce the growth and size of pimples.

The recurrence of acne can reduce to a considerable extent and even vanish by following the above steps in conjunction with each other. A facial cream, diet, herbal treatment, and colon cleanse alone may not be able to clear acne.  A combination may or may not work.