Everything’s Eventual Steven King Book of Short Stories Review

This book has some 14 short stories written by Steven King, the range of stories within is quite large with one story being set in an Interogation room in Southern America, a story with an unexpected ending for the poor soul being questioned. To other stories that are set in a morgue, a cafe, and even in a post-nuclear war future( this one having the same character from Steven Kings’ “The Dark Tower”  series.

Although I have to agree that after reading 14 of Steven’s stories one after the other, I start to see some repitition in the prose and usage of some favourite lines or story elements, I still have to admit that I couldn’t put down book, each time I started another one of the short stories. Indeed King himself mentions that he meant each story to be “bite-sized” as in you could finish each story in a reading. The variety, weirdnest and fright value of the stories made them all really good reads, if you are in to Steven’s books. I particularly found the story “1408” to be rather scary and the story “Everythings Eventual” to be my favourite. 1408 being a story about a room possesse by something truely evil, and Everythings Eventual being a story about some poor kid who has the ability to kill people via mail, or indeed even email!