Excess Indigo Children Compared With Normal Children


Indigo children are children who have the talent or instinct to help others. Enormous empathy. When I see people, they will be able to read “this guy what made him depressed, why do these people behave like this, etc.” Indigo Children can sense what is causing it. And they are, these indigo children, have the instinct to help people who are depressed is to get out of the problem. His motivation, no. Because only want to help it. indigo children there are 2. The one introverted and one extroverted, a great empathy.

Here are 10 great characteristic “Indigo child” according to the Magnum in his blog post:

  1. They have the smell of royal birth, and often memanifestasikannya

  2. They have a sense of “this is where I should”, and will merasasangat ganjl when seeing other people do not think so

  3. “Self-esteem” is not about, they often tell parents about “who they are”

  4. They will not do specific things, such as marching sequence is a difficult thing for them

  5. Against the rigid and does not require creativity, he was not accustomed to

  6. Whether at home or school, they usually can find a better way of working, so they are regarded as a destroyer of the discipline, has been running

  7. Usually they introvek (hiding feelings), felt there was no one in this world who can understand them

  8. They never stingy on personal needs

  9. The ability of “inner eye” they are generally very strong, can immediately find out adult games

  10. Easily lost in addiction and other bad habits.

Other features are easily recognizable is the ability to have a spiritual high. Most Indigos can see things before they happen or the past. Can also see the creature or mater-soft material that is not captured by ordinary sense of vision. His ability to feel what others feel, not only feel, but also understood. Such as cheating, understand the sense of others.

Then the points he felt empathy for what others feel, and he has an instinct to give assistance to people who have a shortage, automatic meraka without being asked to help. Indigo People have clairvoyant vision (know what happened yet), then people who have a sixth sense ability to exercise or anything like that could be called indigo. Indigos not be clairvoyant, is a mixture of indigo blue and purple. Indigo was all kinds, there are close to blue, approaching purple, purple approaching it is clairvoyant all kinds, who approached the blue of reason, he was the drafter. The term sixth sense or third eye is spiritual senses, the man who had a spirit body, spirit spiritual senses, if the body physical senses. Indigo is the color transition from blue to purple aura. The color blue aura represents the ratio or reason, while purple symbolizes spirituality. The combination is what explains why the indigo children have two main attributes, namely intelligence and also the high spiritual abilities. So if you see your toddler quickly caught helpless and have high empathy to his surroundings, try to take the child to a psychologist or psychiatrist to examine further whether your child is indigo children. Indigo children are often mistaken for an autistic child because there sometimes like talking to myself. In fact, children are thought Indigo was talking to himself, could be’re contemplating or communicating with spirits. Differences indigo children with an autistic child is the way they interact. Unlike autistic children, indigo children can talk consistently and regularly. Indigo Children are also able to socialize, it’s just that Indigo children feel more in tune with people who are more rational and spiritual.