Exercise When You Want To

Our body is in the news very often and as some reports suggest it generates more than a multibillion dollar in a year in business. I was not aware that my body was so valuable. I feel like selling or at least renting it for some time. Most of us may not be aware that our body can generate that kind of business.

There are times when you can’t go to sleep for a number of reasons and there is nothing else to do but to watch the television so that you don’t disturb anyone. We all know that there are hundreds of TV channels and one is sure to find something which interests them. But sadly there are not too many channels which air something good late night which can be profitable for you. In fact you will be surprised to see numerous exercise equipment infomercials and really wonder who has the time at 3 in the morning or night to benefit from them.

You can get hold of your remote and relax on the couch, surf around the channels till you find something interesting. There are a lot of channels in which experts show off exercise equipment, reminding you of the fact that you also need to exercise on a regular basis so that you have a healthy and a fit body.  It is not easy to find an exercise routine and practice it regularly; it can be quite a pain. Sometimes after doing exercises you may end up with an athlete’s foot or a tennis elbow.

The programs on the TV are not only on exercise equipment, but you will also get a good dose of infomercials informing you on the latest diet. There are some commercial which advertise that you can shed all the extra pounds in just six months by paying 6 easy installments of $99 and that can easily be done through your credit card. The TV screen screams that you can call them immediately to get a special just once offer. The interesting part is that this special just once offer is on offer each night and you only lose the weight of your cash account.

When you watch so many infomercials on the television at night you are sure to get hungry. You don’t care about the calories you are having but are more worried about finding a tasty snack in the refrigerator. Most people just don’t want to be told how to keep their body again and again. As it is life is busy and hectic and finding time for exercise in the crazy daily routine sounds impossible. It feels that doing day to day work itself is enough exercise and one is exhausted by the end of the day.

We all have the right to decide when to exercise as it is our body. We have a lot more to do than to exercise right now. There are many places to go and things to enjoy, so why should you exercise if you don’t want to?

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