Extraordinary Vampire in Twilight (Twilight Review)

With addiction to blood and unlimited strength and being immortal, we have always be thinking that Vampires are evil, but what if the Vampire tries to control himself and hurt nobody? In this film Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is designed as such a “good” vampire.

It would be easy, to fall in love to such a hero-like character (Especially when he’s handsome enough to be loved with the first sight), although he hasn’t been aged since 1918. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) is the one, however, to caught his eyes and break into his heart.

It’s interesting enough to describe the life of a family of vegetarian vampire (A Vampire family do not drink human blood), like that they will play baseball when thundering to avoid others hear their big batting noise, and to discover that Vampires do not need to sleep at all.

It’s also very exciting to see a vegetarian vampire family to fight with a cruel vampire, James (Cam Gigandet), . Although the evil vampire was not strong enough to cause too much trouble, it still leads to the scene that Edward needs to save Bella with controlling himself.

Clearly, the movie leaves a tail for continuation, the remaining enemy Laurent (Edi Gathegi) and the choice of Bella (whether she’s going to become a vampire and how Edward’s going to avoid that ) remains a riddle for audience. And how the wolf of the legend reacts with the Vampire family in the coming movie? I look forward to see a more interesting and exciting work from the vampire family.