Facing the life with laugh-The Trueman Show

The Trueman Show is an old movie of Jim Carrey. But it is new for everyone if you have not seen it yet.

It tells a story of a man named Trueman, who became the leading character of a show on his birth. In this show, all the people are actors or actresses except Trueman, and that is why he and the show were named. The director of the show created a world for Trueman, which is thought to be ideal. But all things are false to Trueman, including his father’s death, his wife and his best friend. He is just like a doll, controlled by the director. What a horrible thing!

When Trueman’s best friend said “the last thing l’d ever do is lie to you”, I could not control my tears and I think Trueman would shout to blame him. But that didn’t happen. Trueman just smiled at his best friend quietly. I can’t imagine what he was thinking. He must love the world so much, that he can forgive everybody who cheated him.

When he was successful on the struggle to the director and going to leave the show world, the director asked him to say something to the whole real world. He said “In case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night.” This line appeared in the movie for three times, and it is full of love. That is what the movie wants to tell us: love the people, love the world, and face the life with laugh.