Falcon Lake Murders And The Cartel

The vision as to see it clear Tiffany Hartley and the game that is being played from the message that is suppose to be said that the Mexican cartel is beheaded a official of the Mexican government and this is suppose to become a message to the White House, now if they are already getting drugs into the country then why would they just all of the sudden risk getting there border closed for the jolly kicks, or are we getting smoke screened again. Remember this is the season of the take over and no one is the uncut version of this season so here is what is going to happen, our nation will take action but at what cost the lives of our young youth taking the risk of there lives. The take over will have no mercy we will see riots in the streets of Mexico with the cartels who have people over here already and this is no joke because a laughing matter is not yet begun once we see how many people are in existence of these cartels we no longer have a chance to deal with having peace talks with these people someone is backing them up who knows who it will be but everything comes out in the long run we now have to secure the border first the second thing is take no prisoners in this matter many people know that America has started many fake wars after George W. Bush left office we have seen a fake election and a fake President which just about most of them were because they are ruled by the banking industry families such as Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s those who run World Bank know what is really going on now that we are in economic trouble it’s time to pick up the money that’s lost by going after the illegal money to balance the economy.

 Lets look at America that has a down fall in its currency is to lower the value of the dollar and the second is to legalize marijuana wars and how they start for instance suppose your making money illegally would you really take the life of a United States citizens and then behead a military official unless this really happened then these dudes are really insane which I really don’t believe this story 100% because this will have a big impact on Mexico to merge along with United States Army and this is a must I have seen many stories about the drug cartel and how they have been killing United States citizens for no reason just unloading on families who are tourist now they have been killing people for years now. So they are proving to be the insane ones now what are we going to do about this matter now. We have to make a move and someone has to do this it’s or leaders of our nation the ball is in your courts why are we waiting is this a chance for our nations to merge now and create a one world government soon. So bankers call it the times of the Amero Dollar when currencies will merge as well because one way to take out a drug cartel that is flooding a nation with illegal drugs but why has this been a problem from the start now we have a reason to enter Mexico and take out the cartel bring them to there knees with bullets. So many innocent people have been killed I read an article yesterday even 17 people were shot at a rehabilitation facility because the cartel says that there giving shelter to dealers who once were working for them and they don’t want to see these people getting there lives together because they know to much this is insane thinking when will this end.

I will put my opinion that the war can also become if all drugs were legal this would also bring the cartel to it’s knees but what will this do to America we need to really consider taking action ASAP because I don’t see why we have not went after the cartels long ago, this is a late decision that we should have been made and no one is talking about it now that it’s on the news we need to address this ASAP!