Fall Activities For Rural Living

Family fall activities that can be fun and low cost are the focus of this article. Families around the nation can enjoy many events that are little to no cost. From fields of fruits, gravestone rubbings to hay rides, there are plenty of family activities on can enjoy this fall.

Many rural locations have a fruit or vegetable fields that families can go and pick fruit. Locally we had a strawberry field where members of the community could go and pick the berries. Local families can now go pick fresh blueberries for a few dollars a pint. The kids would enjoy this affordable afternoon outing.

Within thirty miles, we have a pumpkin farm, and it’s free to tour the displays of different characters made out of pumpkins. There is also a corn maze where groups of people can walk through and a concession stand that sells cider and donuts.

If you live in a rural area parents can take their children to an apple orchard to pick apples from the tree. If you collect, enough apples take them to a cider press and have some cider made with the apple you picked. This is low cost and fun for the entire family.

Just up the street is a cemetery, which is hundreds of years old. I have taken my children into the cemetery when they were little and we looked at the gravestones. We also took sheets of plain paper along with crayons, and did gravestone rubbings. These taught my kids about local history such as when illnesses wiped out whole families within days. Yeah its graphic but talking about illnesses opens the door to modern day age appropriate technology terminology.

Families all over the nation can enjoy this activity, as there are cemeteries. It’s good exercise to walk, you are breathing in fresh air, spending quality family time, and it will spark some interesting conversations. This is a free activity for the most part, if you have a computer you most generally have a stack of paper that would work fine.

If you have a group of people who would enjoy a hay ride out in the country this is affordable fun if you live in a rural area. Some farmers will offer group rates for these hay rides, you really do not ride on bales of hay, but instead ride on a hay wagon. The driver will then drive around the property so the group can see the farm.