Famous People Who Died on March 31St in History

Dying is just like taxes in the respect that it is going to happen to you and me. Over history, we realize it doesn’t matter who you are, you are going to face death. Famous people have no secret weapon against death. They are just like you and I. They will die. We will die. Death is a part of life. However, many of us look forward to eternal life in Heaven. After we all pass from this world, I hope to meet each one of you in a better place called Heaven.

We Live And We Die

Nobody Lives Forever

See You In Heaven

What Happened on in History?

1870- 1st black to vote in US (Thomas P Mundy of Perth Amboy NJ)

1878- Jack Johnson is 1st black to hold a heavyweight boxing title

1930- The Motion Pictures Production Code is instituted, imposing strict guidelines on the treatment of sex, crime, religion and violence in film for the next thirty eight years.

1955 – US Assay Office in Seattle, Washington closes Chase National (3rd largest bank) & Bank of the Manhattan Company (15th largest bank) merge to form Chase Manhattan

1975 – John Wooden’s final game, UCLA, wins 10th NCAA championship in 12 yrs.


1661-1723 – Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl of Clarendon, British-born U.S. state governor of New York and New Jersey and cross-dresser

1643-1727 – Sir Isaac Newton, English mathematician and physicist

1745-1797 – Olaudah Equiano, Nigerian slave also known as Gustavus Vassa, was one of the most prominent Africans involved in the British movement towards the abolition of the slave trade. His autobiography depicted the horrors of slavery and helped influence British lawmakers to abolish the slave trade through the Slave Trade Act of 1807. Despite his enslavement as a young man, he purchased his freedom and worked as an author, merchant and explorer in South America, the Caribbean, the Arctic, the American colonies and the United Kingdom.

1782-1850 – John C. Calhoun, 7th Vice President of the United States

1837-1913 – J. P. Morgan, American financier

1855-1924 – George Charles Haité, English designer, painter and illustrator

1888-1931 – Knute Rockne, American football coach was an American football player and is regarded as one of the greatest coaches in college football history; He is credited with popularizing the use of the forward pass. College Football Hall of Famer who won 5 National Championships with Notre Dame, he died in a plane crash

1935 – Georges V. Matchabelli, Russian-born famous perfumer

1929-1945 – Anne Frank, German-born diarist, The Diary of Anne Frank, is one of the most renowned and most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust

1913-1980 – Jesse Owens, American athlete who won four Gold Medals in the 1936 Olympic Games

1937-1986 – O’Kelley Isley Jr. American singer for the Isley Brothers

1965-1993 – Brandon Lee, American actor and son of Bruce Lee who died under weird and suspicious circumstances

1965-2004 – Scott Helvenston, American Navy SEAL and Blackwater Contractor, he was killed in the 31 March 2004 Fallujah ambush within days of arriving in Iraq.

1926-2008 – Bill Keightley (Mr. Wildcat), American basketball equipment manager

This is series of famous people who died was inspired by Faye Farley who writes about famous people who were born on the same dates. Each day I will make a list of the famous people who died on the particular day with a link to her story about who was born on a particular day. Today’s famous deaths will be linked to her September 27 story because she has not made it to October yet. Click here to check out Faye’s writing