Fast And Easy Tip to Save Money on Dining Out

Fast and Easy Tip to Save Money on Dining Out

Find Saving from Your Mail

If you are very serious about saving your dine-out money, check your mail frist.  Usually restaurants and fast food chains will mail out coupons about the daily or weekly specials.  With those coupons from your mail, you could save at least $2 for a single meal.

Check Online first before you Eat Out

If you have an internet access, you could always check online for coupons for the restaurant you are going to.  Now, checking online before dining out is my regular habbit, because I could read customer’s review and comment, and also I could find out if there is any coupons available online.

If You Want to Save Money, Tip So-so

In my opinion, I feel that waiter or waitress work does not mean anything than a bus boy/girl, what they do is taking my order and then bussing my table, and this is the reason why I will not pay more than 15% tip to my server.  Also, with the use of the coupons I found from my mail or online, I could save even more on tip.

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