Fast and Easy Tomato and Cheese Appetizer Recipe

Fast and Easy Tomato and Cheese Appetizer Recipe

Do you have company coming over tonight?  Do you want to serve a really quick appetizer to add to your main meal?  This appetizer recipe does not involve any cooking or baking, so you can make it in just a few minutes!

These are the ingredients to make the Tomato and Cheese Appetizer:

tomatoes – sliced thinly

grated parmesan cheese

Fresh or dried basil leaves, chopped finely

Vinaigrette salad dressing

Procedure to make Tomato and Cheese Appetizer:

1.      Arrange the tomato slices well on a nice serving platter.

2.      Sprinkle the tomatoes with the grated parmesan cheese, then with the finely chopped basil leaves.

3.      Pour the vinaigrette salad dressing over the tomatoes.

4.      Refrigerate until serving time.

5.      Enjoy your very simple and delicious tomato and cheese appetizer!

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