Fat Burning Furnace Review – What's In It For Women?

There are no exclusive advantages for men to lose weight that a woman can’t use to succeed. This is about a married woman, Kalen Poulos using her husband Rob’s Fbf plan to lose 59 pounds, and shrink down from a size 12 to a 4. There wasn’t anything he did that she couldn’t do for great weight loss results. In the end, it was a great that both husband and wife lost weight together. How did it start?

Rob Poulos of Zero to Hero Fitness, LLC, produced the Fat Burning Furnace weight loss program. It has been around for years, and Rob created it because he got tired of going around the weight loss block. At least, that’s the analogy used to explain about him and wife Kalen frantically trying to lose weight. They were overwhelmed by the endless choices of weight loss programs, plans and scams. They also spent over $23,000 on the fitness and diet industry. Nothing worked except regaining lost weight, and Rob was in the midst of weight loss confusion, just like thousands of other disappointed participants.

Rob had been carrying around excess weight since childhood, and was roughly 40 pounds too heavy as a man. Kalen though was in fairly good condition around the time she married Rob. Soon after the wedding, she became pregnant. Depending on a woman’s height and body type, she’ll gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy. Because a woman’s body has more estrogen than a man, it gives her a hormonal predisposition to quickly gain weight for the sake of the unborn baby’s health.

In a few short years, Kalen had 2 children, Sarah and Ryan. She was now dragging around about 60 pounds of excess weight. Not only did the estrogen cause rapid weight gain, but it also seems to hold onto body fat, another feminine hitch. Women also have a slower metabolism than men which compounds the weight loss situation. This biological disadvantage between the sexes was meant to be so a woman could have children. However, an overweight or obese man’s fat cells can also create estrogen, which causes his body to get fatter. So, both Rob and Kalen were overweight, and pretty much in this together.

What didn’t work out with the weight loss industry was enough to push Rob into finding the facts out for himself. That’s why he created the Fat Burning Furnace program. He initially made a diet and fitness plan for himself. He found the truth about successful weight loss, dropping 42 pounds and 10 inches from around the belt. Brother Mike lost 40 pounds, and 8 inches around the belly with the same diet and exercise plan.

Kalen Poulos used her husband’s weight loss plan to lose 59 pounds. She could also slip into a size 4 after wearing a 12. For exercise, she did the same routine called HIIT or high intensity interval training. Like her husband, she performed this workout lifting weights. She also stopped doing cardio. Thousands of women have done this program with success. The testimonials verify this program’s consistency. It’s no fluke. The differences between men and women aren’t enough to stop a woman from successfully losing weight.

The wimpy cardio workouts Rob put himself through for years only caused his body to rebound fat weight. He relates to his Fat Burning Furnace ebook about a hormonal system created by doing light to moderate aerobics that sends the wrong message through the body. He discovered that no sooner he lost weight doing cardio, that message would influence the fat cells to repack that weight back on. Is this something a lot of women can understand?

Kalen did the same weight lifting program her husband did. Rob Poulos calls it the 15 Minute Miracle. It’s intense interval training, but for only 15 minutes. It is done 3 times a week at the most. What it did for Rob to burn fat off his body did the same for Kalen. She was faithful to the routine, and this woman lost 59 pounds doing it. This workout raises testosterone levels, and testosterone is a powerful fat burning hormone. It also hinders fat storage. It increases muscle integrity, and boosts the metabolism while successfully burning fat weight despite the body’s calorie deficit. More testosterone will coax the body to prefer fat reserves over muscle protein for energy.

The testosterone advantage for weight loss success is there for any woman to use. What better ambassador to define that advantage than Kalen Poulos? For more about the Fat Burning Furnace Scam Review, the Fbf diet or the review site FatBurningFurnaceScam.Info, click the link.