Fathers Day 2009

Fathers Day is June 21, 2009.  Honoring our Fathers for all that they do and all that they mean to us is very important and it needs to be recognized.  It is possible to have a beautiful “Fathers Day” this year without spending a fortune.

If you are a Father and still have a Father who is living, it would be a great idea to treat your Dad to a Baseball game or something of that nature.  Many times Ballparks offer specials for Fathers Day and you’re likely to get a good deal. 

If the Ballgame is not appealing to either of you, you may just consider a family dinner followed by the exchanging of cards and an afternoon of togetherness with the family.  Celebrating Fathers Day at home can much nicer than going out, and it costs far less money.

When choosing a Fathers Day Card make sure it expresses the way you truly feel about your Father, maybe even write a few personal words of your own.  Many times men don’t like to show emotion but it wouldn’t hurt to express you on this very special day.

Remember that if you have Brothers that have children, make sure you at least call your Brother and wish him a very happy Fathers Day.  Love & togetherness is so important and it needs to be expressed.  Life is so very short and it is important to remember the precious people that God has placed in to your life. 

There is still plenty of time to make plans for Fathers Day, take advantage of it.  Happy Fathers Day 2009!