Fayita Goddess of Food

God was alone. God was bored. God had powers. These were the three things which inspired the creation of Earth and all of mankind. God possesses all the powers one could only dream of owning, and is the only infallible omnipotent being to ever exist. He noticed how incredibly lackluster the universe was and it was at that moment that he decided to fill the blank sky with infinite stars. Stars such as the sun, which now provide us with our light. After creating the myriad stars, he thought to himself, that there was something missing. He pondered on what it could be for months on end, before realizing it was planets and moons which were missing. With a blink of an eye, he created the Milky Way, with its 9 planets and many moons. The universe seemed perfect, and God was quite content and pleased with his creations. For millenniums and millenniums, he observed the sky, watching as the stars, grew and developed, as they died, and were reborn again. He was simply captivated at how everything worked. How a star could explode, and then years later, an original star could be created from the particles and gasses of the same star. He thought one day that it was such a shame that these planets just sat there and were of no use. He loved the world, and out of mere altruism decided that others should have the opportunity to enjoy all these glorious things, as well. It was at this time when he created the first living species to walk the earth. Species, known as animals, which later evolved into humans. He was touched by all the good people there were on one particular planet, called Earth. Despite the small flaws they all had, the majority turned out better than he could have hoped for.

Day and night he watched these humans live. He watched them create friendships, and fall in love. He saw it all, he watched it all, and he was mesmerized by it all. It was then that he was inspired to create several gods, which would become his companions.

Fayita was his last creation, and she was the most intelligent and beautiful goddess, anyone had ever seen. It was as if there was a magnetic force around her, and her voluptuous and sensuous body instantaneously drew everyone who came near her even nearer. With every step she took her beautiful glistening dark brown curls fluttered in the wind.

The other gods simply took pleasure in drinking fine wine, and eating big suppers. They had no interest in anything else, and seemed to never bore of doing the same thing over and over again. They were content with their monotonous lives. Fayita despised these drunken gods, and thought her existence pointless. God quickly realized her melancholy and gave her a challenge like no other. You are wise and more intelligent then the others, he told her; I am going to give you a job. If you look closely at Earth you will see that those people are gradually dying. With each day they are becoming thinner and weaker. You will be sent down to Earth where you will observe these people day in, and day out. I am leaving you in charge of solving this dilemma. When you have found a solution you will return to me and tell me about your newfound discovery.

Fayita was insulted that God could give her such an easy problem to solve. It wasn’t until she had realized that she had underestimated the responsibility which was now on her shoulders, that she became more and more excited. If she figured out how to keep these people living, then she could rub it the faces of the other chauvinist gods, who did nothing but get drunk. Days later, Fayita returned to the kingdom to pay the gods a little visit, before visiting God. They had all responded by snickering and saying, why Fayita we thought maybe you got lost down on planet Earth, you’ve been gone for quite some time. A grin escape her mouth, as she announced her discovery, while the rest of the gods chins hit the floor, they were so baffled.

I underestimated you, where God’s first words when she told him of her discovery. Now he explained to her, how she would be responsible for creating what is called food, which she discovered is what the human body needs in order to survive. And from that day on she was so busy that she rarely ever saw the other gods, which to her was perfectly fine.

Fayita’s greatest personal achievement is creating the remarkably large variety of foods which presently exist. Such food as watermelon, with its sweet and juicy flavour, and lemon, with its bold and bitter flavour. Fayita has created food for every type of person, spicy food, salty food, sour food, sweet food, and on and on. Always on call, she never sleeps, never rests, for she is far too busy. Day after day, night after night, she is continuously searching the world in hopes of discovering the great “food” which the earth lacks. For each and every day which passes she must create a unique dish. This is one of the most difficult things for Fayita, since she has been alive and creating food for more millions of years. She has pleaded countless times to God that it has become merely impossible to create a new and original food item, with each day that passes. And each and every day he simply says “if you did it yesterday, you can do it today” and to those few words, she cannot riposte, and off she goes to continue her duty. Fayita’s life is fairly droning, each day she pleads with God, before going off to create another snack or delicacy.

Fayita’s representation is bowl of fruit with eyes. The eyes represent her immortality and her ability to watch your every move. The fruit represents her creation of food, since she is the goddess of food. Also, fruit is like her in many ways, as it is simple and sweet as she is. People of every nationality also enjoy fruit; therefore it is a good representative of the world.

Although Fayita creates a new edible dish everyday, everything she creates is not liked. This is rare however, but there have been dishes which have tasted so revolting, everyone who tried them couldn’t help but regurgitate them. To put it lightly, the different ingredients commingled with each other have not mixed well at all.

Some dishes she has created have even turned out to be deleterious. Several years back, Fayita made a wild mushroom stew, which tasted impeccable, however did not have impeccable results, since she hadn’t realized that many wild mushrooms are noxious. This calamity put 1000s of people in the hospital and resulted in 100s of people dying.

Although Fayita has created various foods, she has failed miserably to provide these foods to many people. Presently, there even exists a part of the world’s population who is sadly starved, and many of which are dying from starvation. These people who have years literally chopped off their lives due to water around them which they cannot drink, are helpless and are left drinking lethal water. Fayita has yet to find a way to bring drinkable water into the mainland of many regions in Africa. Until that day, unfortunate and destitute people will keep dying everyday of malnourishment and dehydration.

Fayita is not like her creator god, who is infallible, and on contrary she is quite fallible, as are all humans. She learns from her mistakes, and is not offended if some of her dishes are not liked.

For most of her life Fayita has felt alienated from the world. She has no friends, no family, and is nothing like the human beings which walk the Earth. Fayita is imperceptible, and therefore cannot be seen by humans. Unlike human beings, who need food to survive, Fayita needs only air to survive, and in fact, cannot eat even if she wished, because of her lack of taste buds, and lack of digestive system. Any attempt at trying to eat would result in frustration, and would be a waste of limited time. If Fayita could be mortal for a mere day, she wished only for four things.

Her first wish would be to lay some food on her tongue, and let its taste fill her mouth like an explosion. To be able to try some of the food that she has heard people rave about. To feel the satisfaction and fulfillment that one feels after eating one of their favorite foods.

The second thing she would want is to have a friendship, with even just one person, which is something she’s always dreamed of. To have someone with whom she shared similarities, and whom she could tell her deepest secrets to, and trust that she wouldn’t tell a soul. Someone she could do things with, whom she enjoyed being around, and who enjoyed being around her.

Her third wish would be to fall in love, as she has seen many people do, from up above in heaven. To experience the incredible and everlasting bond, between a man and woman, between two soul mates. To find the one true soul who she cannot live without. The soul she wakes up longing for in the middle of the night. To feel her stomach implode with butterflies, while her heart beat quickens at the sight of the love of her life.

Fayita’s ultimate wish would be to drift into siesta, even for mere seconds. To wake with the feeling of recuperation and feeling refreshed. To feel sleep washing over her, like the waves of an ocean, as dreams envelop her, and she is carried away into fantasyland. To become so enwrapped in her dreams that they feel as though they are part of veracity, until she wakes to discover a world flooded with things to be done.

Fayita is immortal and has been alive ever since the commencement of time. She has had many, many years to do things, and has made great use of this time. She has accomplished countless things, however, there are several things in which she is most proud of and would like to be remembered for. Fayita is responsible for keeping not only the human race alive, but for keeping all animals and living creatures, for that matter, alive. She could have very well simply created some bread, milk, water, and cheese, which are basic foods, and are enough to keep people living, however, she went way beyond that, and created countless dishes. Although she cannot eat, she is intelligent enough to realize that after a while of eating the same thing over and over again, no matter how excellent the dish, they will eventually be repulsed by the mere mention of it. Since she cannot eat, and creating all these dishes is of no benefit to her, she still slaves around day after day, creating new dishes, which demonstrates her extreme selflessness, and consideration.

Fayita is and will always be apart of the past, present and future. She is one of the greatest gods, for she is a powerful woman, who is both intelligent and selfless. She works hard and feels it rewarding to watch people rave about some of the things she has created. She is one of the most amazing goddesses to ever be created. Her existence is actually essential to our survival, since without her, we would not have food, and without food, we would perish. Fayita has and always will be alone and isolated, without a mere soul as a companion.