Feast of Love Film Review

Harry Stevenson lives in Oregon with his wife, they have a happy marriage and he is well known in the community as he is a Professor at the local college. Unfortunately Harry is having issues trying to come to terms with his son’s death.

Harry has several friends who he knows well and they always ask him for his advise when it comes to love. Bradley is having love problems and seeks help from Harry, Chloe is a young woman who has fallen for troubled Oscar and then we have Harry who is having his own problems. How will these relationships turn out and will anyone find true love?

I knew nothing of this film before spotting the DVD and as it starred Morgan Freeman I decided to give it a go as it did sound like a good chick flick. The storyline was good and I enjoyed how it was not just about one couple and their love lives, it featured 3 couples which did give the story some depth. The one problem which I did have with the story was the time frame. At the very start of the film we are in the present time and then we move to 1 year previous and we have no idea of how fast things are moving throughout the story and before we know what is happening we are back to the present. I did find this quite hard to follow and I did ask hubby several times if we were back to present day or if we had actually gone past this time as things seemed to be moving at a very quick pace for some of the characters. Despite this fact I did enjoy the film and this was only enhanced by the great cast list.

The lead role of Harry was played by Morgan Freeman, he was a good strong character who I instantly warmed to. He had a great screen presence and a good bond with all other actors whether they be young or old. He played his relationship very well and I loved how tender he could be with on screen wife. He delivered all of his lines with ease and there were times when he seemed to wise that it was easy to see why people went to him for advice. Despite this strong side of his character we did get to see small parts of a darker side, the way he was grieving for his dead son, this was touching at times and I felt he played it very well. We had some other very strong actors, my favourites were the roles of Oscar and Bradley. Bradley was played by Greg Kinnear and he was a good easy going role, he owned a coffee shop which we got to see quite a lot of during the film. He was sensitive and maybe a little too much at times and I did feel sorry for him when things went wrong. He needed to toughen up at times as I felt he was a bit of a pushover but he was a joy to watch and the acting was excellent. Oscar was a troubled young man at the start of the film, he was played by Toby Hemmingway. He stood out to me as he was very different to the other strong straight characters. He seemed quite young and juvenile at the start of the film and I found the way he braced life and took to change and love was inspirational. He had a troubled home life but took this on the chin and he came across as a good role model in my eyes.

We did have a lot of other actors in the film and they were all good strong roles and there was a good mix of types. I think the mix helped to make this film easier to watch as they were different enough to have different takes on love and life. Some of the actors included, Radha Mitchell, Alexa Davalos, Billy Burke and Selma Blair.

The setting for the film was good, it was not set in a sleep small town but in Oregon which meant that it was not overly small and not everyone knew the whole life story of everyone else but there was a closeness which came with the characters and it was good to see how they were all slightly connected to each other. I did enjoy the setting and seeing around the town they lived in as it all looked picture perfect and nothing like the small council towns of England!

The sets and props were all good but no real effort was needed for these as the film was pretty current so the costumes and props were just everyday things. We did have one or two small special effects in the film and I found that they fitted endless into the story and film. They are not massive ones with a lot of action or explosions but more subtle and understated. The music was also good and in keeping with the theme of the film and story. None of the tracks really stood out for me but this was no big problem as at the time of watching I thought it was all good.

The DVD which we have does not have any bonus features on but this is no loss to me as I am not a fan and tend not to watch them. We managed to buy the DVD for just £1.49 which I felt to be a very good price. The running time of the film is 92 minutes and the rate is a 15 as it does contain strong sex scenes and on very string use of language and I do have to agree with the rate.

I am happy to give this film a good strong 4 stars. I did enjoy the story and felt the acting from all involved was very strong the one thing which stopped me from giving this film the full 5 stars was the confusing time frames. I think this is a film to catch on the TV or for a bargain price like I got but I would not recommend paying more than a few pounds for it.