Feeding Stations – Helping You To Feed Birds

A bird feeding station is a part of your property area or any location like court yard, roof, etc. It is an area where you set up a place for the bird feeders and a place where you feed the birds. Its made to best help the birds and you can even watch the birds come near to this feeding area. It is true that most of the birds feeding stations are positioned near to the deck or a window where you can watch these birds easily.

The different kinds of feeders used at these stations are able enough to attract more and more species of birds each day. You would therefore see a rapid increase in the number of birds that are simply visiting these stations. Bird seeds are most common feeding for birds. But you can also make use of several different varieties such as fruits, suet, peanut butter, nectar, and mealworms which are even great choices and can invite increasingly more birds as per their taste and choice.

If you want to attract some particular kind or species of birds to your bird feeding station you could even use particular feeding for the kind of bird. This would facilitate in inviting only that particular species which love these types of foods. Whilst you are placing the feeders for the birds you ought to choose the feeding station which is most suitable for the birds. Birds love the place where they could easily fly to a safe place like tree when they find anything suspicious.

It is also good to place the feeders for small and big birds at different places. This would assist small and large birds in not competing among them. This creates a friendly and safe environment when birds are at feeding station and would attract more birds to visit frequently at your yard.  One good thing that you can add to your station is a favorite place of birds to drink water and bathe. They will just sing, dance and have fun all together at these areas and will enjoy most of their time playing here. You will even see a group of birds visiting your area in those sunny days when these birds need sufficient water to remain cool and hydrated. You should take care about placing this tank of water. You shouldn’t place this too close to the feeders.

Placing flowers and plants is even a good idea it will look natural for the birds and they will enjoy it. This would also provide nectar and some extra seeds to your birds. Plants like Zinnias, coneflowers, and sunflowers are some good choices and can be considered. Your birds as your favorite visitors will thank you for all these great stations and you’ll enjoy the most out of your Bird Feeding Station.

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