Fighting For Yourself From Behind Bars: How The Justice System Fail


Fighting for yourself from behind bars

I was watching a Forensics show and on one of the show a man was put behind bars for 15 years when he was innocent of the crime. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time but since the murder has little information they convicted him based on their theory. He remained innocent behind bars and did his research and was able to fight back with his case. I think nowadays there are more people that are alert of such error in the justice system where the DA, just wasn’t careful enough. I felt sorry for him that he spend 15 years behind bars when he didn’t do one act of murdering. Yes, even DA can make mistakes too. I just hope that people in justice recognize this and prevent errors.

You should look at all possibilities before you convict someone for 15 years when he’s innocent. I’ve seen many other cases where people were put behind bars for years when they’re not the suspect but that they’re at the wrong place and the wrong time. It could happen to you. If you find yourself or your family member innocent and the DA is convicting them, you need to find as much help as possible to fight back. If you’re innocent, you can establish a case and fight for yourself. There are a lot of lawyers out there who would take on cases like this to help out the innocent.

Remember that they need to prove that you’re guilty with proofs like DNA, witnesses, or forensics evidence. They can convince the jury but the juries are just normal people and they can make mistakes too. You will have to watch out for yourself and don’t let them get you. It’s a crime to make such error in court. How can you convict someone for 15 years and they didn’t do a thing. This is really is bad. However, you must know that the court system is a suspicious place too and nothing is black and white. They’re watching out for themselves most of the time too, meaning money really do talk.