File Data Lookup Options

When connected to your database using the Database File connection, lookup options become available when you link one table to two or more other tables. This means that you can manipulate the order in which fields are “looked up” from the database and also how they print on your report. You set these1 op­tions by selecting a link and clicking the Link Options button, or right-clicking the link and choosing Options from the shortcut menu.

•   Allow partial text matches. This applies to text or string fields only.

•   Checking this option allows. for partial matches in the to table. If the linked field in table A (from table) contains “Douglas” but the field in table B (to table) only contains “Doug,” the report still makes the link, associating data from the two records. (This will not work in the reverse order; Doug will not link to Douglas.)

•   Look up both at the same time. For each record in table A, SGR looks for a matching record in table B and a matching record in table C. Then it looks for the next matching record in table B, and then table C, and so on. Once SCR finds all the matching records for this first record in table A, it goes to the second record in table A and repeats the above process.

•   Look up all of one and then all of the others. For each record in table A, SCR looks for all the matching records in table B, and then looks for all the matching records in table C- This is referred to as A to B and A to C.

•   Look up all combinations of the two files. This option takes the first record” from table A and finds all the matches from table B. Once all records from table B are found SCR repeats the process with the next record in table B and finds the matches in table C. (This can make a really big report!)

;> Search the online Help files or your user’s guide for more information and

Examples using’ these lookup options for Database File sources. Of course, you can change the direction of the links (the from and To tables) to change the order of the lookup options. To change the link direction, select the link and right-click to open a shortcut menu. Choose Reverse Link.