Films to Look Out For in 2010

Movies and storylines are just getting better and better and people love flocking to the cinema to watch some great movies a huge range of big budgets and blockbusters. 2009 has been a successful year of block buster hits, but what can we expect to see in 2010? Let’s have a look at a few movies that are lined up for 2010.

A Night Mare on Elm Street 

We all remember the original a few decades ago; it was probably one of the scariest films that I and a lot of people had watched at the time. But the new remake is set to be bigger, better and a lot scarier. I can guarantee that this will be a huge hit with viewers throughout the world.

Alice in Wonderland 

Again another remake of a classic storybook and film Alice in Wonderand, but this time we will see Johnny Depp taking a role in what is set to be a great film that the whole family is going to enjoy.

Iron Man 2 

Superhero films seem to have cut back recently. But 2010 reintroduces the Iron Man to the big screen, where we get to see more adventures from billionaire Tony Stark. You can guarantee that it will probably be one of the films to watch out for in 2010.

Toy Story 3 

We have seen kids toy trends come and go for years, but one that has always seemed to stick around has been toy story character. You can expect 2010 to see the characters such as Woody and Buzz be reinvented and kids flocking to theatres to see the new movie.

Resident Evil: Afterlife 

After a year ago’s CGI version of the movie, in 2010 we once again prepare for the return of Milla Jovovich to our screens taking her role of Alice. The resident evil franchise is still very much well and alive and people will be flocking to the cinema to catch a glimpse of this movie.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I 

Harry potter films have been utterly fascinating, but now we move into the final run and the Harry Potter films are going to end with a huge explosion and keep everyone on the edge of their seats for one final run.


Finally we will probably see a whole new batch of 3D movies that are going to be releases, already in the plans are Step up 3D and Alpha and Omega 3D.