Find Great London Hotel Deals When You Visit London

Have you ever visited London? Are you planning to visit this vibrant city on your next vacation? It is a cosmopolitan city which has many countless attractions. London city is made for all types of tourists. In this city one can book taxi in Farsi, order breakfast in Urdu and order afternoon tea in Cantonese. People of varied races and classes live here. So if you are planning to visit London and do not have much finds then let us tell you about some great London hotel deals?

There is no need to be very rich for visiting London. It is true that London UK hotels are costly but there are also many discount London hotels. If you think the cheap hotels London UK to be dingy and shabby and then you are wrong. The Londoners are quite friendly towards their tourists.

London is a historical city. There are many places to visit for history enthusiasts. If you visit London, surely visit the Tower of London. It has been a prison, royal fortress, a zoo and even a mint at its 1000 year history. The Tower, nowadays, houses Bloody Tower which was actually Crown jewels collection, Sir Walter Raleigh’s prison cell and Royal Armories. So, don’t miss it!

Westminster Abbey is another building of historical importance. It is the burial and coronation site of British monarchs. Abbey is the architectural masterpiece of 13th to 16th centuries. Don’t miss out Buckingham Palace. This place is residence of Royal London since the time of Queen Victoria. The Palace has wonderful pieces of furniture and décor items and priceless art works. It is bounded by vast parklands and gorgeous gardens. If you are a religious person, you should surely visit St Paul’s Cathedral Church and Temple Church.

Big Ben and Parliament Houses should not be missed. What about visiting Greenwich? Greenwich is a beautiful place set on Thames. Greenwich Market is a typical place niche in London that has held the royal charter since 17th century.

British Airways London Eye has become a popular amongst tourists. This is the tallest observation wheel in the world at height of 135 meters. From here, one can enjoy 40km panoramic views of the beautiful sights of London. Thrill seekers will surely love the ice skating in Somerset House from November end through January. Ice climbing can really be a great experience. It is a safe adventure with low risk.

Tate Modern Museum attracts the art lovers. The Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum are a must visit place for tourists. You should also experience walking through London Millennium Footbridge. Tourists also get an interest in visiting the Globe Theatre. London Dungeon is a favored place for teenagers. Tickets are very expensive and children really get scared inside. However, horror experience out here is not really worth its cost.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is another tourist attraction. It is a kitsch collection of wax figures of celebrities. You can best be entertained by visiting the night clubs and pubs in London. If you visit London, you must surely experience the night life out there. So remember London is a great place to visit; however you need to select discount hotels London and make sure that it is within your budget. Find London hotel room of your choice and enjoy!

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