Find Out if Your Headshots Make the Grade in a Hollywood From Home Webinar

Children In Film, Inc, a nationwide social networking site dedicated to the postive employment of minors in entertainment is hosting a Hollywood From Home webinar on Wednesday, August 26th starting at 4:30pm PST.  Viewers of the webinar will have the opportunity to submit their headshots to photographer Brad Buckman for critiquing.

Brad Buckman is an established Hollywood photographer who has shot all kinds of actors – young and old.  Brad will be speaking at the Hollywood From Home webinar about how headshots can open doors, if you have the right ones.

After giving viewers tips and tricks about finding a good photographer and about what to expect before and during a photo shoot, Brad will view each viewer’s headshot and give feedback, live.

If you’re interested in attending the webinar, all you have to do is log on to and RSVP by searching “Hollywood From Home” in the Membership Directory.  Admission is limited to Enhanced Members of the website.

Children In Film was estabilished in 2007 by Toni Casala who has provided education and welfare for child actors for over 20 years.  The nationwide site is dedicated to assisting parents of child actors help their children to succeed in the entertainment business.  Children In Film regularly holds Hollywood From Home webinars in addition to Speaker Series events and casting opportunities.  The site is filled with information about breaking in to the business, labor laws, union rules, and more. There is also a member forum, regular casting notices, and industry news.  Basic Membership is free; Enhanced Membership is $12.99.