Find Your True Love

Respect yourself- You need to appreciate how special you are. Eat right, exercise, smile, and do not let anyone take you for granted. Until you show yourself respect, you can not expect anyone else to respect you. If someone sees that you let people put you down, they probably won’t think you are worth sticking around for. They will miss out because they didn’t stick around long, but you will miss out to.

Talk to everyone- Make sure everyone know that you are looking for love. We have all heard about 7 degrees of separation. Who knows you better than your friends what kind of man will be perfect for you. Plus it expands the net so you can meet people you otherwise may never meet.

Take classes and join clubs- Go out and take new classes and join clubs that are likely to have men in them. Try a hiking, fishing, autoshop, etc. course. You’ll learn something new AND meet potential soulmates.

Check out the internet- Join chatrooms, try singles lists and matchmaker websites, and get involves. In today’s world your soulmate may not be next door. The internet will let you find him, where ever he may be.

Be yourself- It may be tempting to try to change to attract him. You may feign interest in things to make yourself seem like a better match. If you do this, he’ll never know and fall in love with the real you.

Last but not least, get rid of the losers. Get rid of everyone that you are dating and feel are not the one. They may be great guys, but they are losers in you game of love because they are not right for you. If you are spending your time with these Mr. Not Rights, you will be too busy to meet the Mr. Right.

Never give up, true love takes time, but it is worth it. Once you find it, love is forever.