Finding a Home Based Business to Suit Your Personality

You know you want to start a home based business. Working for someone else has you down, and you’re tired of getting up and leaving the house each morning, just to do something you don’t even enjoy. The first step in starting a home business is making a decision on what type of business will best suit you. Your personality will determine what type of business you should start.

ARE YOU OUTGOING? You love people and fun is your middle name. Here are some ideas you might like. Party or wedding planning could be your thing. Also home parties and direct selling might be the way to go. (Mary Kay, Quixtar, or Pampered Chef)

ARE YOU AN INTROVERT? You’re the type who would rather work by yourself. All your friends are online, and you like it that way. Freelance writing, grant writing, or virtual secretarial services may be a good match for you. Try your hand at blogging for money too. Sell items on ebay.

DO YOU LOVE THE OUTDOORS? Your weekends are spent outside. Fishing, hunting, gardening appeal to you. You love growing gardens, flowers, and even mowing the grass. Try a landscaping business. If you are a great hunter, run a guide service. (popular in Alaska, northwest) Grow plants and sell them.

ARE YOU THE ARTSY TYPE? You love to draw, paint, play music, and participate in dramas. Sell paintings and other works of art on ebay and in local shops. Go to or and make and sell your own products for a royalty. Teach a class on painting, drawing, pottery, playing an instrument, or whatever is your passion.

ARE YOU ALWAYS RALLYING BEHIND A CAUSE? You are a vegan or animal rights activist. You have some sort of cause or lifestyle you are passionate about. Teach others how to go green. Teach classes about your cause. Speak in front of others and earn money. Sell green products, write a book on your cause. (vegetarian cookbook)

DO YOU LOVE TO WORK WITH YOUR HANDS? You enjoy home projects, and construction. Heavy equipment is fascinating to you. You built models as a child. Try your hand at a remodeling business. (focusing on small jobs that contractors won’t touch) Buy a piece of equipment and run small jobs for people. Start a porcelain overlay business–like Rebath.