First Sex Love

How to make love the first time

  1. Ensure that she is ready to lose her virginity. Some women will say that they are ready to make love just to make you happy. It isn’t fair to pressure a woman into giving you her virginity.
  2. Set the mood with soft music. The more relaxed she is, the more likely she is to enjoy the lovemaking experience.
  3. Take it slow. Spend a lot of time on kissing and foreplay. Be reassuring and tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her.
  4. Use a lubricant to help ease the pain. The more lubricated she is, the less pain you both will experience while making love.
  5. Enter her very slowly. Don’t just force yourself into her without giving her vagina time to expand to accommodate your girth.

 Make sure you have time for each other afterwards; at least a few hours, preferably days.

  Talk to each other about it. If you are the virigin party: Tell your partner that it is the first time, talk about how it feels, what is good, what is not so good, things you want to try, etc.

  Make sound – sound is exciting. If you are used to being quiet when masturbating – try to suppress the habit when you’re with a partner. Few things are more exciting than hearing that what you are doing with somebody works for them.

  Do not hunt for orgasms, particularly not as a part of the actual intercourse. What is important is the closeness, the round, enveloping feeling of having somebody be as close to you as is physically possible. Orgasms will come in time, and your technique and adaption to each other will mature – do not stress about it.

Find It In Your Heart To Take It All The Way! Find A Boyfriend Who Gives The Love Of An Angel, Virginity Is Something You’ll Remember, Don’t Make It Something Unpleasant. Love Comes With Risks, Let The Female Take Over Your Heart, They’ll Never Be A Question Why You Shouldn’t. Though Girls! Don’t Let Your Armour Fall! Let Them Fight For You, If He’ll Willing to Lose You, You’ve Obesely Made A Mistake In Your Relationship!

I’m Very Young, Though I Do Believe This Should Be An Exchange Of Hearts, And Are Able To Express Your Love. Don’t Let This Be Something That Grinds Down Your Life, It’s Perfectly Find Knowing You’re A Virgin, You Take Pride And Honour.