Fish Oil Health Benefits

Fish Oil Health Benefits

W’ve heard fish oil supplements are good for you. Fish oil is recommended for people who need help dealing with inflammation in the body due to overexertion or trauma, as well as for people with joint problems or arthritis. Many people take fish oil supplements as a regular part of a healthful diet because they want to make sure they get enough of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Fish oil health benefits also include helping to lower cholesterol, reducing inflammation and lessening feelings of depression.

Because most of us do not consume enough fish in our daily diet to give us the benefits of fish oil desired, it is recommended you take at least one gram of fish oil a day in the form of a supplement, although most studies conducted have given subjects between two to five grams of fish oil a day. It appears that you will benefit most from taking a supplement in the two to five grams a day range.

Fish oil is available in both capsule and liquid form. There is much debate about which form is most beneficial.

One concern about taking fish oil supplements is the fishy aftertaste that can sometimes accompany the supplement. If you buy fish oil in capsule form, the coating on the capsule will reduce the fishy aftertaste (although you may still experience some fishy aftertaste upon belching). Freezing the capsules and swallowing them while frozen further reduces the aftertaste. Try taking the capsules with a meal or following the capsules with a tasty drink. Avoid acidic foods and drinks that may cause stomach upset or belching when you take your supplement.

If the taste does not bother you, consider taking the supplement in the liquid form since it may be easier to swallow the liquid than the capsules if you are adverse to swallowing pills. Some liquid forms are advertised as tasteless and can be added to juice, yogurt, salad dressings or other foods without being noticed. The brand you buy will result in how tasteless or noticeable the taste will be. You may have to experiment with a few brands before you find a supplement you can tolerate. It’s worth it to buy the more expensive, higher grade fish oils as they tend to have a more palatable taste.

One advantage of buying fish oil supplements in capsule form is the fact that they have a longer shelf life, especially if frozen. Liquid fish oil must be refrigerated and has a shorter shelf life, but it is usually more concentrated and is easier to take your daily dose since you may end up swallowing multiple capsules to get the same amount of the supplement.