Five False Beliefs About Drinking Water

Do you drink water leads to the emergence of the abdomen? Would it help to drink water to melt the excess fat in the body? What is the amount that must be compensated by the body? And when best to drink water while eating

1. The drinking water is causing the rumen
Correct is that drinking water has nothing to do Erc at all. The rumen is a fat accumulated in the abdominal area as a result of excess calories consumed by humans. When you drink water, move water into the stomach, then quickly flows to the intestine, where there are absorbed into the bloodstream. Does not affect the water temperature at the speed of absorption from the intestine into the body.
2. Drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach dissolves fat
Correct is that the temperature of water does not have nothing to dissolve the fat. It is worth mentioning that the fat does not melt, but if the calories lost by the body through movement than the calories consumed through food. For example, if consumed Rights 2000 calories through food and the loss of 2500 calories the body through the motor effort, the body gets the 500 calories missing by dissolving a quantity of fat in the body.
3. The drinking water during the meal causes indigestion
There are some erroneous recommendations that advise not to drink water during meals, believing that the water reduces the concentration of digestive juice. Correct is that the water do not mix with the juice of digestion does not affect negatively the process of digestion. Studies show the safety of drinking water before, during, and after the meal.
4. The daily needs of water, fixed for all persons
There is no rule that says the wrong must drink 8 glasses of water a day. In fact, the daily needs of the water varies from person to person depending on weight, physical activity, the degree of sweating, and climate. In addition, the consumption of other liquids such as milk, coffee, tea and adds to the amount of fluid in the body. It is worth mentioning that the body will also get fluids through food, for example, the soups, vegetables, fruits and dairy products contain more than 80% of the water.
5. The drinking water before exercise hurt the body
The drinking water before exercise is essential as the body loses through sweat. It is worth mentioning that the race is the way in which the body maintains a temperature of 37 C at. Research indicates that the loss of 1% of body weight through dehydration least athletic performance by 2%. But when you lose 2% of body weight through dehydration, high heart rate and body temperature, which makes the effort to do my body is difficult. For this, it is advisable to drink a glass of water before beginning any sports activity. During physical activity, it is recommended to drink 3-4 sips every 10 minutes or 5-6 sips every quarter of an hour. To estimate the amount of water that must be offset by one after the sports activity, it is advisable Iqias weight before and immediately after exercise. The loss of each quarter of a kilo of weight after exercise is compensated by drinking a glass of water, that kilo of weight loss after the sport requires a liter of drinking water.