Five Good Posture Tips

Are you one of the millions who have a job where you sit all day long in front of a desk? If so, listen up, if you have poor posture it can lead to back pain, neck pain and fatigue. Here are a few simple tips on how to sit correctly.

  • Choose office furniture that is ergonomically designed and fits your body. You don’t need a chair that is huge if you are a small person; or a small chair if you are a large person. You need to be comfortable if you sit all day.
  • Sit up straight; align your ears, shoulders and hips in one vertical line. Always avoid crossing your legs unevenly and sitting with slouching shoulders.
  • Sit with your back against the chair and knees at hip level. If you’re too short, try using a foot rest to prop your feet on. You can also place a small pillow behind your back to relieve strain from your spine.
  • When talking on the phone, don’t cradle the phone in the crook of your neck. This can cause a crick or a stiff neck. Try using a speaker phone or invest in a telephone headset.
  • The last but certainly not the least important thing to do is to get up and move! Every 20-30 minutes stand up and stretch. Take a stroll around the office. Step outside for a breath of fresh air, or walk the dog.

Having good posture can be tiresome. If you sit too long you are prone to slouching or slumping in your chair. Just remember to give your body a break! When the end of the day is near you won’t feel so stressed and tired!