Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

The five of cups represents a situation or relationship that is in a state of flux.

This is a card of powerful emotions. The five of cups is concerned with some form of loss but it also signifies a person who is unwilling to let go. As an example, it could be a love-affair which lingers in some way, even after they have broken up with their partner.

Advice in the Five of Cups

The person for whom this card has been chosen may be finding it difficult to forget or let go of something of the past. Emotional feelings remain, even when there is no evidence that they’ll ever get what they’re missing back.

There is a feeling of sadness or loss and although this won’t go away instantly, they must admit to the fact that life does go on. And because this card has turned up in their spread, this signifies that it’s time to take a good look around them to see what else is on offer.

There are also signs of anger. But again, they must be willing to control their strong emotions and look to the future with greater optimism and confidence.

Predictions in the Five of Cups

When the Five of Cups appears in a tarot spread it draws attention to the querent’s love life and suggests a feeling of loss or disappointment. This doesn’t mean the end of a relationship as such. It’s just perhaps that they’re going through a sticky patch, or they’re uncertain about the way things are going. Instead of feeling anxious, it’s important to discuss their feelings.

This card tells them that there are still things left which they can build on. All is not lost. Indeed, whatever is going on at the moment, it will only go to strengthen their feelings in certain directions.

Relationships and the Five of Cups

There is some kind of disappointment or frustration connected with someone who was born in the month of November and it could be that within the next five weeks or five months, they might want to sort these out once and for all.

There is a suggestion that they feel betrayed in a friendship. Has someone put doubts in their mind or do they regret actions made in the past? Maybe they shared secrets with a friend who has now betrayed them and now they wish they’d remained silent. If so, it’s no use crying over spilt milk but certainly they should be able to learn by experience. And it could be that this experience will teach them to be more careful about who they confide in, in the future!