Fix Your Title or I Will Drown This Kitten


People have short attentions spans.  In the amount of time it takes to read the headline and first two sentences of an article it is likely that a website can lose 40% of potential readers.  This is why headlines are crucial to your websites success.  Often that is all people will read before they give up; the headlines. 

Why headlines are crucial to your websites success

You want as many people as possible to give your article a chance.  If you have the ability to quickly grab a person’s attention with a snappy headline, there can be a dramatic amount of additional people that will read your website.  It may be that under a drab and boring headline is snazzy and eye-popping material, but if you do not grab a person’s attention with a strong headline there are few people who will invest enough time and effort to find out how the material is.

First impressions

One of the big reasons headlines are crucial to a website’s success is because of first impressions.  If you cannot get this good first impression, you will often fail to get the readers.  A headline should let the reader know what the content is.  It should be original.  Most importantly if it is about a common topic it should let the readers know how it will approach that topic in an original manner.  People want to read things that are fresh and new, not the same old article that has been rehashed thousands of times.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a big part in headlines leading to a websites success.  The important thing for a headline is keywords.  The main keywords –or a close approximation- whould be used in the headline and 1-2 times in the opening paragraph, if possible.  This is for attraction computers.  Just like people, the search engines (that search and index websites) are a little bit like scanners.  They hold a lot heavier weight on the items that come right up front in the first paragraph and the title of your work.


The final reason is syndication.  Consider this as your chance to go viral.  If people see a good headline they may be much more highly interesting in adding your article to a weekly roundup, or flat out sending the link to friends, retweeting or digging.  This free sharing of links to your article is similar to syndication and is one of the best ways to grow the reach of your article.  It is all based on having a snappy, snazzy and original title.

The reasons why headlines are essential to a websites success

It should be obvious why headlines are crucial to your websites success.  If you do them right you can grow a lot faster and perhaps even spread articles virally to really increase your reach.  If you do them wrong you can have articles that seem drab and listless, no matter how top-notch and awesome the actual quality is.