Fix your Xpango uncredited offers


Many of my referrals have complained that the offers the complete are not giving them credits. Here is a checklist of what you should do to avoid that happening:

* Does your Internet Browser allow Cookies & Javascript?
* Have your cleared your Cookies before completing an offer?
* Have you checked security software settings before completing an offer?
* Have you checked for any Parental Controls that may be turned on?
* Have you turned off any pop-up blockers before completing an offer?
* Have you recently ran a virus check?
* Do you keep your computer up to date with the latest Windows updates?

By the way Xpango is a site that gives you free stuff for referrals. Here is the link to the site:

Or instead you can visit my blog in my profile to first read about the site.

A good method would be to ditch Internet Explorer as your browser and instead get yourself either Mozilla Forefox or Google Chrome as your default web browser. These browsers are more secure than Internet Explorer as well as more streamlined so the chances of you losing your credits are minimum with these browsers.

There have also been issues that people go and click complete an offer and then leave the offer in the middle and then later make a new account and start using it to fully complete the offer. This method usually also leads to a loss of your credits. So all in all if you follow these guidelines you will always get your credits and you can move towards your free ipods and PS3s much more quickly!