***for Immediate Release***

New York —  March 10, 2011– Banc De Binary, the leading provider of Binary Option Trading Technology, financial services and other sophisticated banking solutions is launching its new customer service initiative for all of its current or potential clients, effective immediately.

This new implementation of the Bank’s already excellent customer service, goes beyond anything offered in the industry in order to provide immediate help and consultation to not just regular clients, but also to anyone interested in learning more about the vast array of opportunities available in the financial market as well.

Founded in the midst of the economic crisis that stormed the world at the end of last decade, Banc De Binary started its operations with a strong vision that encompassed the use of technology in order to be at the cutting edge of digital option trading by offering a 24/7 real-time trading platform. With this as a guide, Banc De Binary targets anyone from all across the globe that is looking for the best support, education and training on finances, delivered with the most technically advanced procedures available.

This philosophy also extends to Banc De Binary’s customer service as well, and with this new initiative for offering the best customer service, Banc De Binary will be able to deliver not only uninterrupted access to expert advice, but it will do so through many different channels as well, in order to reach as many current and potential clients as possible.

The new Banc De Binary’s customer service will offer clients the ability to choose from a wide array of options to communicate their doubts or questions, going beyond online chat and email, and offering also direct phone and video calling options.  ­

“At Banc De Binary, we are firmly committed to developing and delivering cutting edge products, services, and security in a world that demands constant innovation and attention to the needs of the modern investor and trader.” – Oren Laurent, BBinary CEO

This visionary initiative comes as a natural result of Banc De Binary’s forward thinking philosophy, which has led it to embrace the latest in technology and use it for the benefit of its clients. This is the case of Skype, an extremely sophisticated, but at the same time easy-to-use video calling software that puts experts and clients face to face so they can solve any doubts together in a far more personal way.

With all these new options, Banc De Binary has become more accessible than ever before for both current and potential clients, all the while staying at the front of technology and innovation in the financial market.